derek piotr - air

artist:   Derek Piotr
title:   Air: Live Cuts from Airing
format:   CDr & net release, bm028
release date:   12/13/2012

stream   1. Deliver (2:31)
stream   2. Glass Broadcast (2:16)
stream   3. Radimantra (6:12)
stream   4. Colossus (2:58)
stream   5. Guides (3:21)
stream   6. Insects (1:55)
stream   7. Clandestine Spread (4:16)

Full album download here: bandcamp, iTunes, amazon
$10 US plus $2 US shipping for the CDr version. I will ship overseas, but email me at blondenamusic at g mail dot com for price.

description:  From performances given at various venues in 2011 and 2012. Derek Piotr's sonic work here contains vocal cut-ups, electronic manipulation, clicks, drones and occasional rhythm.

credits:  Recorded by Dendrite. All music Copyright 2012 by Derek Piotr.
acknowledgements:  Thank you to Carahanni, Ivan Cheng, Paul Heslin, and Zach Thorpe.

derek piotr

Derek Piotr is a Poland-born sound artist based in New England, whose work focuses primarily on the voice. He has been intern to Meredith Monk, and had his work featured on The Wire's Adventures in Modern Music program.