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"A former mental patient turned militant survivalist, Baptizer has experimented with sound in artistic isolation for two decades. Now his work begins to see the light of day with a premier label release. "Signs ov Apocalypse" is Baptizer's contemplation of the imminent social and political turmoil that will result from this era of globalization and Empire. Drawing from a multitude of sound sources such as the words of David Koresh, sounds of the 9/11 aftermath, and readings from Revelations, Baptizer blends ecclectic sound experimentation with harsh noise, delving into shades of power electronics along the way toward desolation. Cover artwork by Trev Ward of Thee Grey Wolves and Wolves Archives Recordings."



baptizer signs ov apocalypse baptizer - signs ov apocalypse cdr - 2012; bm018

kraft fiberboard cover with sticker label

8 tracks; 54 minutes

"noise, industrial, electronic"


baptizer live