nipple stools - turkish circuits

artist:   Nipple Stools
title:   Turkish Circuits
format:   net release, limited edition cdr, bm029
release date:   6/1/2013

mp3   1. revisiting the burned over district (4:08)
mp3   2. accident ballast gardens (4:45)
mp3   3. click streams in the age of flash crashes (5:25)
mp3   4. the willful consumerist (4:28)
mp3   5. crushed jazz by consent (5:12)
mp3   6. clues in stock footage (4:44)
mp3   7. feather dodging (5:12)
mp3   8. the now that was then left (5:05)

Full download and track by track download available on Bandcamp

description:  Electro-acoustic signals and electronic signal processing blend to create an ambient glitch space with hints of melody.

credits:  All artwork and audio by A. Traeger and C. Kruger.

professionally produced cdr available for 10.00(USD) plus shipping.