bryce eiman live

bryce clayton eiman live


"I started making cassettes in 1987 in Texas under the alias DRSUK. After relocating to Cleveland, OH, in 1992 I released a number of cassettes as Erosore for Peter Keller's Cold Meat Portioning label. Peter and I also worked together on a project called Womb, which put out a couple of cassettes as well. During that time I was an active member of the Cleveland noise scene, performing in the aforementioned groups and with David Jeffries in Iliac Passion. In September of 1996 I moved to the Triangle. I have since then performed solo under Bryce Clayton Eiman, with Craig Hilton as Dirt Log, with Shaun Sandor as Bicameral Mind, and with Joe Hendrix as Weather Machine.

My work tends to be polyrhythmic, and is often constructed from loops of non-musical source material (bird calls, radio static, farm machinery, etc) -- although I am certainly not above using more traditional instruments to accomplish my purposes. Various listeners have described my music either as 'neopagan dance grooves', or 'drums and drones', or 'worse than dead air'. Although I am extremely catholic in my listening habits, the three bands that have inspired me the most are Coil, Arcane Device, and Nocturnal Emissions."

-Bryce Clayton Eiman

see also Bicameral Mind, Polar400

random audio

crackle signal from cassettes re-worked - 5:39, mp3

lumbago from the marrow of modern divinity - 2:16, mp3

the black & the black from cassettes re-worked - 5:01, mp3

percussive quodlibet from the marrow of modern divinity - 2:07, mp3

photic driver from cassettes re-worked - 5:48, mp3

snap & slap & slip & snip from the marrow of modern divinity - 3:41, mp3

bryce clayton eiman

upcoming performances



Polar400 Ambiguous Music polar400 - ambiguous music cdr - 2012; bm019

kraft fiberboard cover with sticker label

14 tracks; 40 minutes

"percussive electronic minimalist beats"


bryce clayton eiman daddy's home daddy's home cdr - 2012; bm021

kraft fiberboard cover with sticker label

8 tracks; 36 minutes

"electronic sound works, sonic art"


the marrow of modern divinity the marrow of modern divinity cdr - 2010; bm010

kraft fiberboard cover with sticker label

5 tracks; 43 minutes

"percussive synth beats and glitchy drones"


bryce clayton eiman cassettes re-worked cdr - 2008; bm004

printed insert in vinyl envelope

6 tracks; 41 minutes

"creepy ambience, fuzz drones, glitchy beats, and treated field recordings from old cassettes - assembled & arranged by shaun sandor"


other releases

bryce clayton eiman released nightskins with 910 noise and obscura arts label in june, 2008

nightskins cover nightskins cd

compilation appearances and collaborations

2011 - Petrichor01: Hellbender Rodeo - 919 Noise (Blondena Music)

2007 - participant, SK-5 (side one): Zen & the Art of the Tape Recorder - Hal McGee

bryce clayton eiman