powercloud live

powercloud is mark koyanagi and scott berrier

random audio

when the smoke is going down from how to recognize shrubs - 8:24, mp3

you're on your way to marseilles from how to recognize shrubs - 8:56, mp3

wordly goods unreleased - 5:35, mp3

little gene pool unreleased - 4:09, mp3

upcoming performances

July 27 - Staycation - Burlington, NC:   Powercloud, Slicnaton, Matt Northrup, Andrew Weathers

October 1 - Nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC:   Signal Fest 2011 with Tomas Phillips & Jason Bivins, Powercloud, Viszt, Derek Piotr, others tba


how to recognize shrubs how to recognize shrubs cdr - 2011; bm012

white fiberboard cover with sticker label

4 tracks; 44 minutes

"gentle distortions evolving into clouds of ambience. high & low technologies utilized."


compilation appearances and collaborations

2011 - prickly pear: Hellbender Rodeo - 919 Noise (Blondena Music)