signs ov apocalypse

artist:  Baptizer
title:  Signs ov Apocalypse
format:   cdr, bm018
release date:   4/13/2012

mp3   1. Waco/New Pearl Harbor* (4:21)
                   2. Order of Wolves - Short Wave Annihilation Edit* (2:34)
mp3   3. Denial as a Defense Mechanism* (3:42) (see lyrics below)
                   4. Factory Floor Incident (5:14)
mp3   5. Babylon the Great (5:46)
                   6. Alas the Great City (2:35)
                   7. Anticlimax (5:40)
                   8. New Exodus (23:23)

description:  Power electronics, noise, experimental electonic, industrial.

credits:  All music written and performed by Baptizer. *Slightly enhanced live tracks recorded during the 919 Noise Showcase at Nightlight in Chapel Hill, NC by Gavin Bouma (Orgavin). Many thanks to Trev Ward of thee Grey Wolves for allowing a remix of 'Order of Wolves'. Thanks to Megan Baptizer, Bryce Eiman and 919 Noise. Cdr layout by Shaun Sandor.

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denial as a self-defense mechanism

Everything is fine
Everything is a' okay
I have security in my life
No worries. No problems.

Everything will be okay until we die
The cops are not my enemies
Everything is real on the news
But is it real or manufactured?

Everything is fine
Everything is hunky dory
My neighbors tell me it's allright
And my leaders tell me the truth

So what is this nagging feeling?

I am not in denial!

baptizer live