wax ship cb

artist:   Wax Ship CB
title:   Dehydrant
format:   net release, bm026
release date:   5/23/2012

mp3 | FLAC   1. Dehydrant (33:37)

description:  Live improvisation by Chester Hawkins, Chandra Shukla, Andrew Weathers, Craig Hilton, and Shaun Sandor. Recorded live at Nightsound Studios in Carrboro, NC on July 24, 2011. Features synths, laptop, guitars, banjo, piano, broken toys, cymbal, more...

credits:  Recorded and mixed by Shaun Sandor. Wax Ship drawing by Grigor Eftimov, colors and titling by Chester Hawkins.

please note this is a long track, and the FLAC file is high resolution. Please be patient when you select this for download.